Resume: Aaron Forest Godfrey

Contact Information

    Work Home
    U.S. Mail 1345 Mendota Heights Drive
    Mendota Heights, MN 55120
    1929 Berkshire Dr.
    Eagan, MN 55122
    Phone (651)605-9165 (651)336-5149

Career Goal

Not currently seeking new employment.


    Carnegie Mellon University
      Major in Computer Science, Class of 1999
      Completed minor in Mathematics
      QPA: 3.91/4.0
      Graduated May, 1999 with University Honors and induction to Phi Beta Kappa
    Ripon High School
      Graduated, Class of 1995
      GPA: 4.291/4.0 (honors class = 4.8), Class Rank 1/110

Special Skills

    Languages known: C, Standard ML, Cray NV1 assembly
    Working knowledge of: Verilog, Java, C++, Pascal, Assemblers: Motorola 6502, Alpha, SPARC, MIPS, IA64 and VAX, FORTRAN, BASIC, Unix shell scripting
    Operating Systems known: Unix and X windows (including Linux, Solaris, Irix, SunOS, Unicos/mp, MacOS X and NetBSD) on a system administrator level, VMS, MacOS Classic
    Working Knowledge of Windows.
    Networking: TCP/IP networking over FibreChannel, EtherNet or serial connections, routing, nameservice AppleTalk networking
    Working knowledge of Windows Networking.

Computer Related Employment (Send me email for a list of references)

    Cray, Inc
      Employed: August, 2001 to present
      Current Title: Senior Principal Engineer
      US Patent #6,959,342
      Duties: Operating systems design, development and debugging, especially for in the areas of hardware/software interface and Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability for the Cray X1/X1E and followon projects. The X1/X1E is based on a derivative of the SGI Irix operating system. Future systems are based on Linux.
      I also have been extensively involved in the hardware architecture definition of a future Cray supercomputer.

    Silicon Graphics, Inc.

      Employed: July, 1999 to August, 2001
      Title: Member Technical Staff, Design
      Duties: Implement RAS related features such as memory error recovery and partitioning on SGI SNx hardware (currently named the Origin 2000 and 3000 series and the Altix series of supercomputers). Also, acted as one of two engineers responsible for support of Real Time Irix.

    Cray Research, a Silicon Graphics Company

      Employed: May, 1998 to August, 1998.
      Title: Intern Engineer, Engineering Diagnostics
      Duties: Design, implement, and debug a prototype Java based offline diagnostic environment for the SGI Origin 2000 series of servers.

    Academic Computing Services, Carnegie Mellon University

      Employed: Fall 1995 to May 1999
      Title: Student Cluster Manager (Spring 1996 to May 1999)
      Duties: Managing a lab of over 100 Unix workstations and PC's and acting as a user consultant in other labs. Also acting as a system operator for a lab of 10 SGI Octanes. Responsibilities include all software maintenance and hardware troubleshooting.

Relevant coursework

  • At Carnegie Mellon University

    • Distributed Systems Designed and partially implemented a Distributed Shared Memory based cluster supporting cross node process migration under Linux.
    • Memory System Architecture
    • Algorithms
    • Computer Architecture
    • Computer Graphics I
    • Operating Systems
    • Compiler Design
    • Programming Languages - Design and Processing
    • Fundamental Structures of Computer Science I (imperative programming) & II (functional programming)
    • Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
    • Discrete Mathematics

  • At Ripon College (during my senior year at Ripon High School)

    • Compiler Writing (offered as a special topics class)
    • Assembly Language (using VAX hardware running VMS)
    • Programming Club (preparation for the ACM programming contest - selected for Ripon College team)
    • Mathematical Modeling Club (preparation for the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling - selected for Ripon College team)
    • FORTRAN Programming
    • Linear Algebra
    • Multiple Variable Calculus

Non-Computer Related Achievements and Interests

In addition to work in computer science, I also have a strong interest in technical theater and work on many shows in the Twin Cities area, with companies such as Theater Mu and The Chameleon Theatre Circle. I have worked on shows in many area theaters including the Ordway Center's McKnight Theater. In high school, I was the chief house sound engineer for all four years and designed the sets for both plays my senior year. While attending CMU, I joined ABTech, which provides lighting and sound support for many groups on campus, including large touring acts that come to CMU such as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Letters to Cleo, They Might be Giants and T.S. Monk. I also mixed house sound for the amateur theater group there called Scotch 'n Soda.
Avocations: Sailing, biking, ice hockey, floor hockey.
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